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Aluminum Wire Drawing Oils

Aluminum Drawing Oils

ALUMINIUM WIRE DRAWING OIL : Mostly used as emulsion with different ratio of concentration depending on the application need. Can be also used as neat oil. SMK Petro makes special AL Drawing oils which are very thin viscosity oil, can be used as neat oil. SMK Petro grades are economical and user friendly. The emulsions are stable with soft water and provides excellent cooling and lubrication effect. The grades are suitable for wet drawing as well as dry drawing.


Lubrication in the drawing process is essential for maintaining good surface finish and long die life. Few different methods are as follows,

Wet drawing: the dies and wire or rod are completely immersed in lubricants.

Dry drawing: the wire or rod passes through a container of lubricant which coats the surface of the wire or rod.

Metal coating: the wire or rod is coated with a soft metal which acts as a solid lubricant.

Ultrasonic vibration: the dies and mandrels are vibrated, which helps to reduce forces and allow larger reductions per pass.

Roller die Drawing (also referred as Roll drawing): roller dies are used instead of fixed dies to convert shear friction to rolling friction with dramatic reduction in the drawing. When roller dies are adopted, the drawing stages are composed by 2-4 idle rolls and the wire is pulled within the rolls clearance. This type of solution can be easily adopted also to produce flat or profiled drawn wires.

Various lubricants, such as oil, are employed.



Aluminum Drawing Oils manufacture in India. Supplier in Middle east

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