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Drawing Oil

Drawing Oil
Drawing Oil

DRAWING OIL : These are sheet drawing oil for shallow and deep drawing applications. One of the most common metalworking methods is drawing, which involves forming flat sheet metal into “cup-shaped” parts. If the depth of the formed cup is equal to or greater than the radius of the cup, the process is called deep drawing.

Deep drawing involves placing a sheet metal blank over a shaped die and pressing the metal into the die with a punch (see Figure 1). The piece produced may be cylindrical or box-shaped with straight or tapered sides or with a combination of straight, tapered, or curved sides.

The punch must provide enough force so that the

metal is drawn over the edge of the die opening and allowed to flow into the die. The sheet metal blank must be strong and ductile enough to avoid breaking in areas where the metal flows from the punch face to the sides of the punch.

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