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Broaching Oils

Broaching Oils

Broaching Oils
These low viscosity oils contain active ingredients, staining type, not suitable for Copper, provide excellent heat dissipation.

  1. EMBROACH 11C / 13SH : Express EMBROACH 11C & 13 SH Series broaching oils are a blend of selective mineral base oil and additives to provide improved lubrication under boundary conditions and extreme pressure properties. These products are recommended for broaching operation surface and internal as well.
    i) Express EMBROACH 11C is highly refined, medium viscosity mineral oil compounded with blend of high quality oiliness agents with synergistic chlorine and active Sulfur additives. Suitable for ferrous metals.
    ii) Express EMBROACH 13SH contains high oiliness additives with synergistic chlorine and active Sulfur additives and is recommended for heavy duty broaching operation.

    • These products are not recommended for use on cuprous metals.
    • These products are used without dilution.
    Performance: Proprietary blend

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