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Hydraulic Machinery Oils

Hydraulic Machinery Oils
Hydraulic Machinery Oils
  1. Circulating Oils
    Express HYCO AW 32/46/68/100/150/220/320
    EXPRESS HYCO 32 /46 /68 /100 / 150 / 220 / 320/460 oils are straight mineral lubricants having good inherent oxidation stability, protect machine elements from excessive wear and provide economical lubrication. It meets IS: 493-1981(Part 1) specifications. These oils are normally recommended for non-critical all loss lubrication systems and hand oiling applications involving lubrication of bearings, open gears, lightly loaded slides and guide ways of machine tools. EXPRESS HYCO oils of appropriate viscosity are widely used in textile mills for lubrication of looms and other equipments which do not require additive
    treated oils.
    Performance: IS 10522 : 1983
    Use :
  2. Anti wear, HLP type
    Express HYMAX 32/46/68/100/150/220/320
    EXPRESS HYMAX HLP oils are formulated from hydrocracked base stocks with inherent oxidation and thermal stability. The products are further fortified with antioxidant, antirust, antifoam and anti-Wear additives, and special additives which assist in maintaining viscosity under continuous use & severity of operation.
    Performance: IS 11656 : 1986
  3. R-Clean
    Tailor made blends
    EXPRESS R-Clean is water scourable type general purpose metal and other industrial components degreasing and cleaning fluid.
    EXPRESS R-Clean removes oil, dirt & other deposits from the surface of work piece.
    EXPRESS R-Clean is applied neat on the surface of metal component and removed by water jet.
    EXPRESS R-Clean provides antirust properties to dispersed milky emulsion to protect the ferrous metal from rusting.

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