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EDM Oils


SMK Petro EDM fluids are high flash low viscosity products for better flushing ability with high oxidation stability.

LOW AROMATIC CONTENT: Aromatics are unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds. They are identified by ringed structures such as benzene. In dielectric fluids, a low aromatic content is desirable as aromatics are likely to contribute to skin irritation that may lead to dermatitis. Aromatics can also have some effect on the rubbers and elastomers.

COLOR: Most EDM oils are clear. Some oils may oxidize over a period of time, which will cause the oil to turn a pale yellow color. Fluids should be tested for suitability for further use when oxidation occurs.

HIGH DIELECTRIC STRENGTH : This is the measure of the insulating capacity of an EDM fluid. Virtually all EDM fluids have a high dielectric strength. Once the EDM process has begun, the dielectric strength is difficult to measure because of the solids and particles introduced. Dielectric strength is unique because while a high value is required, too high of a dielectric value will force a smaller gap and may lead to higher electrode wear and lower machining speeds.

LOW EVAPORATION RATE : Virtually all good EDM fluids have a very low evaporation rate.

HIGH FLASH AND FIRE POINT : The flash point of oil is the lowest temperature at which the vapor will ignite if a small flame or spark is present. The oil will not ignite by itself, there must be a flame or spark present. In addition, oil at it’s flash point will not burn continuously as it will only ‘flash’ or burn for a moment. The fire point is the temperature at which the vapor concentration of a fluid is sufficient to sustain a fire. Generally, the higher the flash point the safer the fluid.



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