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Metal Stamping & Drawing Oils


Metal Stamping & Drawing Oils
Metal Stamping & Drawing Oils
  1. Express WDC 44: Deep drawing of Metal sheet, wire drawing applications: EXPRESS WDC-44 compound is a Chlorine free paste for dry or emulsion application and is soluble in water. It is used for general purpose metal forming/ press shop where metal takes a particular dimension under medium to heavy duty operation. Processes include stamping, pressing, deep drawing, wire drawing, tube drawing and forging. The product is equally good for ferrous, yellow metals and aluminum alloys. It can be used neat or diluted, depending upon the severity of the operation.
  2.  Express ADC 15: Aluminum wire drawing, non staining : EXPRESS ADC-15 is sulphur free oil blended with lubricity additives. It is used for general purpose metal forming/ press shop for working on soft metals like Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy, Copper alloys etc. It is suitable for medium to heavy duty operations.
  3. Express TD 81: Staining type, high speed drawing of stainless steel wire : EXPRESS PDN 81 is a heavy duty forming fluid meant for ferrous forming operations. It is designed for most medium duty stamping, drawing operations on ferrous and non ferrous metals of medium to heavy gauge sheets. It provides excellent work piece finish on stainless steel, Alloy steel tubes, aluminium, aluminium alloys.
  4. Express RP 9003 : Film forming type, medium viscosity draw oil for deep drawing, excellent jet water wash ability :
  5.  Express PN 225: Low viscosity aluminum drawing oil
  6. Express PN 204 : Deep drawing and Pressing lubricant for automotive bodies: EXPRESS PN 204 is designed for most heavy duty stamping, drawing operations such as wheel disk, sprockets. It can be used in thick wire drawing operations. It provides excellent intermediate rust protection to the work piece making the shop floor handling job easy and less time consuming as well as economy to the user.
    Performance : all items in this group are proprietary blends.



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