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Apple Tree Spray Oil

  1. APPLE TREE SPRAY OILDesigned for IPM (Integrated PEST Management Program) for control of SAN JOSE Scale on Apple tree. Approved and recommended by SKUAST (Sher-E-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences).
  3. EXPRESS PD SPRAY OIL– OE is blended from high quality base stock especially for protection of apple trees from SAN JOSE SCALE. The oil is sprayed in the form of oil in water emulsion on apple orchards during the months of December/January when the ambient temperature is around 3 to 4 °C. The emulsion dissolves the waxy protective shield of the insect and the oil film envelops it thereby killing the insect by cutting off its air supply. It can also be used for protection of eucalyptus, cinchona etc. This oil does not have any toxic influence on human body. EXPRESS PD SPRAY OIL– OE does not have any Phytotoxic effect on the plant nor does it pollute the soil. It has excellent shelf life. EXPRESS PD SPRAY OIL- OE is approved and recommended by Sher-e-Kashmir university of agricultural sciences, Shalimar. Srinagar.

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Litre

Making a control over the plants is done from long days by the pesticides which contains strong components and are very successful for so many years.

SMK Petro, is a reliable wholesaler, manufacturer and supplier of the Apple Tree Spray Oil. This oil is made from the superior quality of the oils used as a base material and is produced in large quantity. This petroleum product is utilized to spray in the orchard, especially in the month of December and January as it highly depends upon the temperature which must be about 3 – 4 degree Celsius. The preparation of the oil includes a mixture of the wax protecting guard that kills the present insects in the tree which restricts the tree from getting power supply of air and water.

Our merchandise is constructed of highly reliable ingredients that guarantees a durable stay and does not cause any toxic substance present, which may run to any damage to the fruit tree. Providing an extensive range of the spray oil for apple tree in reasonable price we are renowned from last 10 years in the market and have maintained a strong goodwill. The SMK Petro uses the latest techniques and innovative means for the manufacturing of the apple tree spray oil, which is the secret key feature of production in the comprehensive range of oils. The produced oils have an excellent power that keeps the tree protected from any type of damage from the fungus.

Getting hold of the best maintenance of the environment our product is manufactured with all required necessary things that holds the tree safe and protects it and thusly we are a brand seller of the apple tree spray oil which you can now purchase easily.

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